Oskar Herbert Sjögren

AB O.H. Sjögren

To start with, O.H. Sjögren was a saddler. He produced harnesses and saddles, etc. for horses and padding for seats in horse-drawn carriages. It was only a short step from this to producing furniture. When Oskar Herbert bequeathed his business to his two sons, Gustav and Olle, in the 1930s, the company turned its attention towards the production of upholstered furniture. The brothers were keen to produce furniture of the highest quality imaginable, which led to good client contacts such as the Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm, who for decades was one of their most important customers.

Olle och Gustaf Sjögren

In the 1950s Carl Malmsten, who had hitherto only produced the most exclusive and unique furniture for a limited and affluent clientele, sought manufacturers who were able to produce his furniture in larger volumes without compromising the high demands he placed on craftsmanship and quality. The choice fell to O.H. Sjögren and together they developed and marketed the many items of upholstered furniture that have become classics today.

Erik Sjögren

In 1975 Olle's son, Erik, became the third Sjögren generation in the company. Client contacts were constantly expanded with several well-known premium brands. Amongst the most important clients are Svenskt Tenn, who have been commissioning O.H. Sjögren to produce their collection of Josef Frank's upholstered sofas and armchairs since the beginning of the 1980s.

Håkan Sjögren

Today the business is run by the great grandsons of the founder Oskar Herbert, Håkan and Jakob Sjögren. Håkan started in the business in 2002 and later acquired the company from his father, Erik. Jakob too joined the business in 2012. The company currently employs around 20 people. Its ambition now, just as before, is to focus on artisanal production methods and to ensure the highest quality of production the Swedish upholstered furniture industry can offer.