Carl Malmsten Furniture Farmor

Farmor - Year 1956

In 1956 Carl Malmsten made one of his regular visits to O.H. Sjögren in Tranås to develop new models for his furniture programme. It was at this time that the Farmor armchair was created, which has since become a dear member of the family in many Swedish homes.

Carl Malmsten wanted his furniture to express a particular feeling or mood, and this was reflected in the names he gave them. Farmor ("Grandmother") was one of the armchairs in a series with names of members of the family, such as Farfar ("Grandfather"), Husmor ("Housekeeper"), Lilla Syster ("Little Sister") and VYear Fru ("Our Lady"). The shapes of all the armchairs have been inspired by these characters.

And with its round, friendly shapes, Farmor certainly radiates the femininity and homeliness that are often associated with this word.


Seat height:
Seat depth:
72 cm
100 cm
83 cm
41 cm
52 cm

Legs can be raised by up to 5 cm.


Framework made of solid pine from Swedish forests. The seat is made with nozag springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fibrefill. The legs are made from solid oak. All production is done at O.H. Sjögren’s factory in Tranås, Sweden.

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