Carl Malmsten moves into Villa Strömfors

O.H. Sjögren is very pleased to have been involved in the design of Villa Strömsfors with Carl Malmsten's furniture. Villa Strömsfors, located in the Västragötaland forests, is a Jugend villa built in 1908 by David Nylander. David, who along with his brother had made a fortune on machine manufacturing, had the villa built in order to silence the doubts regarding who was the most successful person in the county. To succeed he hired the best craftsmen available and choosed only the best materials he could find. Eventually he finished Sweden's largest and most modern, and in many eyes even the most beautiful Jugend villa. The villa has 1000 square meters spread over 23 rooms. 70 years and two generations later, Nylander's last family member moved out. The house's extensive requirements for maintenance and expensive heating have resulted in the villa being uninhabited since the 1980s.

Today, Villa Strömsfors has got new owners whose ambitions are aiming as high as David Nylander did more than 100 years earlier. The villa has undergone extensive restoration and renovation, where as far as possible the attempt is to rebuild the villa in the condition it once was. Floorboards and interior walls have been replaced, panels and stucco have been restored, murals have been restored, the floors have been sanded and these are just some of the things that have been done to get Villa Strömsfors to flourish again, in a double sense, as they have also revived the villa's extensive garden park.

In terms of interior, great emphasis is placed on the interior of the villa, and this is why we at O.H. Sjögren was ontacted. Villa Strömsfors has been furnished with Carl Malmsten's furniture which we are very happy about, we can not imagine a more beautiful home for our furniture.

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