Carl Malmsten Sofa Nya Berlin

Nya Berlin – Year 1958

The Nya Berlin ("New Berlin") sofa was designed in 1958 and first measured 190 cm in width. In 2008 further width was introduced. At the time, the Acne fashion concern placed a special order for a consignment of Nya Berlin with a width of 140 cm. The 140 cm wide sofa has since become a part of the standard range.


Seat height:
Seat depth:
140 cm
75 cm
80 cm
43 cm
54 cm

Legs can be raised by up to 5 cm.


Framework made of solid pine from Swedish forests. The seat is made with nozag springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fibrefill. The legs are made from solid oak. All production is done at O.H. Sjögren’s factory in Tranås, Sweden.

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