Lundeqvist, 1949

Samspel, 1956

Nya Berlin, 1958

Samsas, 1960

Runda Samsas, 1966

Hemmakväll, 1956

Särö, 1943

Carl Malmsten Sofas

Today Carl Malmsten's archive contains over 20,000 drawings and sketches that Carl Malmsten left behind. Many of these are sofas. This page presents the sofas of Malmsten that are currently in production. The sofas have special names that tell something about the origin of the furniture. Malmsten often named the models after the client. Like a sofa New Berlin that Carl Malmsten designed for the Swedish embassy in Berlin.

If you have questions or would like to identify an old Malmstensoffa that is not listed here, this is answered by the Foundation Siv and Carl Malmsten's memory via the e-mail address

The sofas are available for purchase from our retail stores.

Gallery – Carl Malmsten sofas