The story about Carl Malmsten & O.H. Sjögren

Carl Malmsten was a successful and well-known furniture designer when he in the 50’s ran his business from Stockholm, and the furniture he created were made in small series in small workshops. The furnitures became very expensive and thus inaccessible to most people. Carl then decided to select a number of manufacturers who could manufacture his furniture in larger volumes and at lower prices without sacrificing overall goals such as quality, handicraft and design. Carl traveled around southern Sweden to study suitable factories. In Tranås he came in contact with O.H. Sjögren which he considered fulfilled all the high demands he had on the manufacture of upholstered furniture. This company thus became part of the circle of selected manufacturers called "Nyckelverkstäderna” (The Key Workshops). The collaboration began with an exhibition at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg where “Nyckelverkstäderna” and the newly developed models were presented. In the future, Carl traveled to Tranås at least once a year to create new models together with Gustav and Olle Sjögren. Workshop work was interspersed with work on drawings. The manufacturing program became increasingly extensive and eventually became the majority of O.H. Sjögrens production.