Carl Malmsten Sofa Särö

Särö – Year 1943

In 2011 we searched Carl Malmsten's archives, which consist of over 20,000 drawings and sketches, for a more spacious sofa with a greater sitting depth. We then came across Särö, which was designed in 1943 by order of a von Hofsten family.

We think this spacious sofa is an excellent complement to our collection.


Seat height:
Seat depth:
217 cm
81 cm
85 cm
43 cm
58 cm

Legs can be raised by up to 5 cm.


Framework made of solid pine from Swedish forests. The seat has a double-spring interior with a combination of nozag and spiral springs. The padding consists of cold foam, polyether and fibrefill. The cushion is filled with a mixture of waterfowl feathers and synthetic down. The legs are made from solid oak. All production is done at O.H. Sjögren’s factory in Tranås, Sweden.

Särö Gallery